Freight Facilities

  • Handling pre-packed commodities in & out.
  • Handling loose bulk material in & out.
  • Handling loose bulk material in, unitizing & handling out.
  • Handling, filling & packaging to Clients specifications.
  • Unitizing cargoes i.e. bagging, crushing & screening.
  • Handling breakbulk cargoes. • Unpack/repack containers.
  • Weighbridge facilities for both road trucks & weighing full containers.
  • Rail line capacity of 20 wagons.
  • Documentation management.
  • Freight management.
  • 24 Hour security & CCTV

Bulk Reclaim Operations

Greystones has a long history in the bulk operations industry and has extensive knowledge of materials and material handling. Specifically Greystones successfully managed and operated the woodchip reclaim in Richards bay for over 30 years. Over that period Greystones was not only able to offer and evolve to supply the very best machinery capable of handling the material but ensured that the our clients were given the most efficient and cost effective mode of handling their material. Greystones was able to overcome and adapt to various factors, pollution, fixed load periods, minimum tonnage load rates, minimum downtime targets,  demurrage, weather conditions, machinery  and labour to offer the unique solution to our clients that is still in place today.

Greystones currently operates Wagner CHD Chip dozers the machines are specifically engineered for the application of moving Woodchips to a reclaims. Our operational team have over 30 years’ service with Greystones Enterprises and have unrivalled knowledge of woodchip reclaim operations. The team of operators, mechanics and workshop staff have been together in some instances for over 20 years.

Greystones machinery are capable of 80 foot pushes to reclaim point where they drop their cargo load of approx. 100 cubic metres, at an average load rate of 800 mt per hour.

Our current machinery can be placed into a woodchip or coal reclaim operations.

Our services include

  • Supply of machinery both landside and in the vessel.
  • Operational management
  • Reclaim/ stockpile management

Freight Logistics Solutions

As a stake holder in the logistics industry and  the celebration of our 50th year in the industry, Greystones applies all its experience to its service offering today. Only with this knowledge are we able to be market leaders in our industry. Our track record and milestones as a company are testament to being experts in our field. Greystones Enterprises (Pty) Ltd has traded successfully for 50 years, in that time we have gained a specific and practical knowledge of the logistics industry. With this knowledge and our role within the logistics line we have a unique competitive edge when advising or creating complete logistical solutions for our clients cargos. Business partners that we have formed strong relationships with over our many years of trading enable smooth transitions between transport modes, ensuring quality , reliability and most of all peace of mind that your cargo will travel from the point of origin to its port of destination.

Specialised Operational Services


Greystones offers specifically structured operational solutions for port based operations. With our intimate knowledge of port based operations and our 50 year history in the industry Greystones can formulate, structure , implement and manage operations up to senior management level.

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